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Bruckman Rubber Co.
101 South St. Joseph Ave.
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Hastings, NE 68901
Phone: 402.463.3129
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Welcome to Weedseal® Fence and Border Guard


Our weed control products are designed to help cities, municipalities, road departments, parks, homeowners and private businesses drastically reduce energy and labor costs.  They also eliminate the use of harsh chemicals to control weeds around utility poles, fire hydrants, water pipes, gas pipes, etc. Weedseal® products create a tough, long-lasting barrier against unwanted vegetation growth.

Weedseal® products are made from recycled tires and virgin rubber, creating an impermeable barrier against unwanted grass and weed growth. Our products are made from heavy duty rubber to eliminate the need for trimming. Our Fence and Border Guard fits beneath fences or beside objects. And our Circular Weedseal® products fit around existing products.  

See how the Weedseal® Products can save you time and money.  


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